Mimo Garcia – Red Pill, Blue Pill, Sexist Pill

“Men provide everything, the only thing women can bring to the table are their bodies.” When I heard this “pearl of wisdom” in a random video I came across on YouTube, I thought it was part of a skit in a show. A couple of minutes later, I saw that there was almost an hour to go until the end of the video. I skipped through it – but no, there was no stage, no jokes at all. It turned out I’d stumbled into the depths of the Red Pill doctrine, recreated in a Bulgarian version.

Basically, it preaches the following idea: man is king and master but wily women are trying to dethrone him.

Once I’d browsed through the video in question, I delved into the matter. I was curious about how it’s possible that men born of women could work themselves up to the point of setting up a community where they complain to one another and conspire how to become alphas with submissive mates.

Well, a couple of clicks later, things became clear to me. Yet another (alas) successful strategy for making money off the gullible. TV “mages” often get calls from sick people, clutching at the hope of a cure. In this case, those who’ve failed to have a normal relationship with a girl are grasping at straws, believing that gurus will teach them how to dominate women.

The mentors literally live off the losers – as the Bulgarian folk tale goes, “the sick one carries the healthy one”.

Red Pill originated from The Matrix but has degenerated into a hotchpotch of frustration, inferiority complexes and misogyny, garnished with excessive self-confidence based solely on their male sex. In addition to the two main pills (the blue one, signifying that unless you follow the alphas’ instructions you’ll never stop being a sucker when it comes to women, and the red one as a flag of the “awakening”), there’s also a black pill. It’s meant to signify that women are sly bitches who pick the best men based on physical and financial criterion, while the rest can never develop a serious relationship with members of the opposite sex.

I don’t know how their meetings and concocted content look to them, but an onlooker would find it pathetic. Some whining creatures, demanding to be leaders just because they have a penis instead of earning the right to lead a family or community, keep complaining to one another without having the guts to admit and realise that they are simply unfit for a relationship.

Most of their videos convey the following message: once men make enough money, women will line up and men can have their pick. First, as long as they spend their paltry savings on misogynist “trainings”, they won’t have a proper financial culture. Second, many poor men have partners and many rich ones don’t (excluding the gold-diggers). It’s not just about money, it’s mostly about attitude. When the attitude is based on the assumptions that a woman must offer them her body; that she can’t deny them sex even if she has a headache; that she has to put up with cheating on her just because that’s they way of letting off steam, it won’t work out.

How can one possibly expect that anyone would wish to spend their life being perceived as an object, as a trophy? If you listen to Red Pill lectures, you’re bound to find out that women are subject to being assessed as if they were food and must meet certain imposed standards. It’s degrading, to say the least. Rather, you feel disgust and pity at the same time. On the one hand, you find it obnoxious that some men’s inability to find love brings out the worst in them. On the other hand, you also feel compassion for them because some “smart guys” are leading them by the nose (using their credit cards), promising them the moon.

I don’t know why they aren’t at least honest. Instead of deluding themselves with red, blue and black pills, they’d better admit openly that they’re actually “distributing” a sexist pill. They aren’t just discriminating against women verbally, they’re promoting misconceptions that women’s rights lead to the oppression of men.

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